Social Media & Mobile Strategies for Travel

RKG’s CEO, George Gallate, will be speaking at Social Media & Mobile Strategies for Travel in San Francisco on March 19th at 3pm (Capitalize on Social Data to Drive Greater Personalization, Relevance and Loyalty).

3.00-4.00 Capitalize on Social Data to Drive Greater Personalization, Relevance and Loyalty
Today’s traveller is time-starved, uber savvy and still highly price-sensitive. Brands that fail to harness and utilize the vast amounts of customer data generated on social media sites will see their hard-earned customers of yesteryear fall prey to their competitors. Discover how intelligent data analysis can be the ultimate competitive weapon to set your brand above the clutter and develop closer, longer and more profitable relationships with customers old and new.

  • Understand the commercial benefits of Big Data and how customer intelligence can be used to identify, target and acquire high value customers time and time again
  • Separate the wheat from the chaff: Learn how to make sense of the customer data deluge generated by social media
  • Learn how to effectively leverage qualitative user reviews and content to create highly differentiated products and relevant offerings at optimal price points
  • Geo-target and personalize relevant offers to customers like never before to build real love and loyalty for your brand
  • Learn where to draw the line between customizing customer offerings and infringing on personal privacy and pushing customer away
  • As the quality of Facebook data deteriorates-What are some smaller platforms that are producing more meaningful information and analytics?