SMX West 2013

George Michie, RKG’s Chief Marketing Scientist, will be presenting at SMX West in San Jose on March 13th at 10:45 (“Maximizing Enterprise PPC” – part of the Enterprise and In House Track).

Adam Audette, RKG’s Chief Knowledge Officer, will be presenting at SMX West on March 12th at 10:45am (“Getting Ahead With Google+” – part of the SMX Social Media Marketing Track) and at 3:30pm (“Pagination & Canonicalization For The Pros”), and on March 13th at 10:45am (“Conversation: Is Link Building Still Crucial, Or A Waste Of Time & Money?” – part of the SMX Summit).

Stephen Oklesson, RKG Strategy Lead, will be presenting at SMX West on March 12th at 5pm in the Local & Retail Track. (Google Shopping Goes Pay-For-Play)

Maximizing Enterprise PPC (#smx #32D)
Paid search offers many benefits for large organizations: increased sales, enhanced brand awareness – even channels to counter competitors. But managing enterprise paid search campaigns can be a nightmare, especially when different departments think they should “own” the process. This session explores the challenges of running an enterprise-level campaign, and how to get all stakeholders in alignment to assure the maximum return possible.

Getting Ahead With Google+ (#smx #22A)
Google+ is a social aspect to Google, allowing people to share photos, places they’ve been, videos, links and status updates. During a keynote at the recent SMX Social Media Marketing conference, Vic Gundotra, the head of Google’s social efforts, stated that Google+, now with hundreds of millions of users, is the next generation of Google and will soon permeate all aspects of its DNA, so as a marketer, you ignore it at your peril. This session examines the core mechanics of Google+ and how marketers should best interact with all of its moving parts.

Pagination & Canonicalization For The Pros (#smx #24B)
SEO geek alert: Google now recommends using the pagination tag with optional parameters, sort orders, and filters. For the rest of us, that raises a lot of questions. Are there still reasons to use robots.txt or noindex? Can a canonical tag really replace a 301? How do you keep your IIS=based site from infinite redirect loops when you canonicalize default page names? And what about rel=alternate href=lang? We’ll explore the issues step-by-step to help you de-clutter your site, maximize crawling and indexing, and eliminate duplicate content risks.

Conversation: Is Link Building Still Crucial, Or A Waste Of Time & Money? (#smx #32A)
As search engine algorithms grow more sophisticated, increasingly relying on signals like the knowledge graph and semantic markup, it’s time to ask: is link building still a vital part of a successful SEO effort, or has its heyday passed? Join our panel of expert link builders as they debate the future of links and field any and all questions about this longtime-core SEO activity.

Google Shopping Goes Pay-For-Play (#smx #25D)
For years, Google listed products for free in shopping search results. No more. If you want to be included, you must pay for listings. The implications for both shoppers and retailers are huge as more paid listings are incorporated into regular search results, and new ad formats are introduced. This session examines the impacts of Google Shopping, what’s next, and how retailers can leverage or succeed in spite of this platform.