SMX East 2012

RKG will be attending SMX East 2012 in New York, NY on October 2nd – 4th, 2012. Speakers from RKG include Co-founder George Michie, President Adam Audette, and VP of PPC Matt Mierzejewski.  You can catch their presentations during the following times at the conference:

October 2nd

1:30p-2:45p – George Michie – PPC Analytics: Crunching Your Own Data (Paid Search Track)

October 4th

8am-9am – Adam Audette – Conversation: Is There Really “Advanced” Link Building?

1p-2:15p – Matt Mierzejewski – Google Shopping Goes Pay-For-Play: Lessons & Learning So Far (Vertical Track)


Presentation Descriptions:

PPC Analytics: Crunching Your Own Data

In this session, we will explore new ways to analyze data from all available sources to improve your PPC campaign performance. We’ll tackle the challenges of both large and small data sets, discuss how to manage through the fog of long-tail data, and talk about making decisions from seemingly inconclusive data. Plus we’ll provide you with new types of KPIs, PPC analytics, attribution models, and trend line analyses that will help you identify new opportunities for optimization.

Conversation: Is There Really “Advanced” Link Building?
Despite all the recent changes in search engine algorithms, garnering great links remains one of the single most important components of an effective search marketing campaign. But how can you gain an advantage? Are the tools available to analyze competitor links effective? Do non-traditional channels, such as .edu links and retweets work? Join us for a no-nonsense non-PowerPoint discussion of this vital activity.

Google Shopping Goes Pay-For-Play: Lessons & Learning So Far
Google is slowly unveiling what it has in store for users with its new paid version of Google Shopping, formerly known as Google Product Search. The implications for both shoppers and retailers are huge as we see more of the new Google Shopping listings incorporated into regular search results. Google is also experimenting with new ad formats, including the new “buying guide”. Be among the leading edge advertisers who understand what’s happening and can maximize on these unprecedented opportunities ahead of your competition.