RKG/Tnooz Webinar: Discover Traveler Intent Through Search and Social

The sum of search plus social is greater than the parts. Search remains the key method for customers to raise their hand and express interest in travel experiences.

It is the closest signal to a booking event. Social media is the consumer’s “digital word of mouth” that suggests to us “this is what I like”, as well as suggesting other people who are like them.

These social signals combine with the search signals of intent to produce a very rich influence on not only where to find your customers, but how to develop your products to meet your customers’ needs.

But how do you harness this information to deliver more new customers? If you’re not taking a holistic view of these channels, you’re missing out on opportunities and you may not be making the most of your programs.

Join Tnooz and RKG on August 27th to learn how to drive your consumer acquisition program through search and social. Register here.