OMMA Social LA

RKG’s Director of Link Development, Todd McDonald, will be participating in a panel discussion at OMMA Social in LA on October 24th.

Panel: The Merger of Social and Search: A Long Way Off or Just Around the Corner?
Time: 2:15 PM
The merger of search and social is one of those events that often been predicted, but has yet to happen. Although there have been stabs at combining social data into search results on the parts of both Microsoft’s Bing and Google, and Twitter and Facebook both have search capabilities, we aren’t yet at a place where the dozens of searches most of us make every day are supplemented by social data that might help inform our results. Still, despite the delays, the merger of search and social seems like a union that’s just waiting to happen. This panel will discuss how long it will be before for these two marketing siloes will start making beautiful music together, and what it will take for them to walk down the aisle. (Panel members: Todd McDonald, Aaron Dodez, Carrie Peterson, Hamid Saify, Adam Schoenfeld – Moderator: Laurie Sullivan)