Attribution Management

Smart attribution management combines sophisticated technology with business intelligence to produce actionable insights across marketing channels. Merkle | RKG’s Attribution Management technology allows clients to analyze vital information, including user interaction and credit allocation by channel and leverage this data to be more profitable.

Merkle | RKG’s propriety Attribution Platform produces custom statistical models for fractional attribution of credit across marketing channels and touch points. Blending decades of direct marketing experience, PhD-level statistical modeling and the experience of Merkle | RKG analysts produces maximum marketing impact.

Why Merkle | RKG?

  • Custom statistical models included.Advanced, customized statistical models included in the price.
  • Flexible classifications.Separate brand from non-brand search, differentiate between types of affiliates, etc. to improve accuracy and insights.
  • Conversion Path Analysis.Know the most frequent paths to conversion on the site over a given time period.
  • Cannibalization Reports.Find out which channels and even specific vendors that tend to cannibalize credit.
  • Data imports guarantee a clear view of the data.Import functionality includes view-through conversion data from display ad platforms and offline marketing touches for ad hoc analysis.
  • Data exports to eliminate unearned commissions.Export order-level credit attribution to vendors to ensure each channel is driving to the right success metrics and none is over-credited for commissions.
  • Easy implementation.Spend more time developing actionable strategies. Merkle | RKG uses existing Web analytic parameters to make it easy to get up and running.