Managing the Agency-Enterprise Relationship

Maintaining a healthy and productive relationship between an agency and a client's disparate business units can sometimes be a tricky thing. We've found that success depends on a few key elements like communication and establishing common goals. Watch as Cam Nichols, SEO Account Director, discusses how we approach the agency - enterprise relationship.


Cam Nichols: Hi, everyone. Welcome to another RKG video. My name's Cam Nichols. I'm an SEO Account Director here at RKG. Today I want to talk to you about something that many people who've worked within the agency have experienced, and that is the agency enterprise relationship. It's sort of a tricky relationship because oftentimes within those enterprise businesses there are multiple business units that are trying to work for their own individual goals.

The job of the agency or the work that we try to accomplish is trying to make sure that we can bring all that together to harness it and make sure that we're ultimately pushing toward that one goal of the business. What I wanted to do today was offer some insight into things that we've done to help companies be successful at the enterprise level to making sure that those business units can work toward that ultimate goal. So there are three things I wanted to talk to.

First is figuring out what that common goal is of the enterprise. It's a matter of working with them, understanding what they're trying to accomplish and what it is that we as an SEO agency can try to do to help with that. Oftentimes those things fall within revenue, visits, or new customers or even a combination of those three.

The next piece, and this is where things start to get tricky, is working with the individual business units. Each unit has its own individual goal to try to accomplish something that is important to what they do, and oftentimes that can start to stray away from SEO and ultimately that final overarching goal. What's important for us is to be able to work with them, understand what they're trying to accomplish, and for us to then help them understand what they're trying to do, ultimately impacts that overarching, bottom line goal.

So that's where this third step comes in, and that's communication. It sounds really easy, but that's really important. Keeping that communication clear, effective, and ongoing is really what's going to make sure that each business unit stays sort of on course, what they do as an individual business unit is effective and work toward their goal, but keeping it in line with that overarching goal.

That's really what I feel are the main three things you have to do to make sure that that enterprise agency relationship is successful. Thanks for your time, and happy bowtie Friday.