Leveraging Enhanced Campaigns

Enhanced Campaigns offer a number of improvements, among those is improvements to geolocation, which we are really focused on leveraging for our clients. The ability to get information about clicks such as state, city and hopefully zip code at some point, opens up a whole new realm of possibility when it comes to targeting based on characteristics such as temperature.

Paul Koch goes into more detail about how we're making use of the newly available data.


Paul Koch: Hi, I'm Paul Koch. I work here at RKG, going to talk a little bit today about Enhanced Campaigns and how we're thinking about leveraging it, specifically when it relates to geolocation and that type of event.  So we're incredibly excited that Google is now linking the GCLID, which Google can apply to auto-tagging anytime a click occurs.  They're linking that to the Google Click Report, and this gives us a tremendous amount of information, such as the state, city, hopefully zip code at some point, to the actual click.  Exciting because we could start to database this information, and look to use that information to make really smart, informed decisions on how we're leveraging bidding for geolocation.

So far what we've had to do with geolocation is we're having to split out lots of different campaigns, lots of different keywords, that becomes really difficult to do, and we're also having to make some assumptions upfront.  We're deciding what we think is going to be winners, what think is going to be losers, and looking at the data, hoping that we have enough of it to be able to make some determinations.

With this new realm of being able to database it, we'll be able to look at, kind of what type of data sets can we look across lots of different aggregations.  If we can find some commonalities and start to let the data drive how we're making decisions, we'll be able to scale it much more dynamically.  And probably the most interesting, and I think the piece I'm most excited about, is not only will we be able to database this, and do some really cool ad hoc analysis for our individual clients, but we'll be able to bake that into our bidding platform. So we're being pretty ambitious in how we're trying to apply this and how we're trying to look at it.  We think we'll be able to have some really good solutions for our clients.

Hopefully by the end of the year we'll be able to take this data and be able to have some really great modeling on the different characteristics that we're seeing across geolocations that can be by temperature.  So if you're selling outerwear, certain locations may have a higher propensity to buy that outerwear than something like Miami in Florida, where it's not as likely.  And we can do some really cool analysis and also be able to have that fully integrated into our bidding platform.

So exciting things on the front with Enhanced Campaigns.  It's a great step forward for Google.  It still has a long way to go with Enhanced Campaigns, but we think this is a great step and one that we're looking forward to leveraging for our clients.  Thank you.