Dossier 4.2 – Micro-conversions

Learn how to get a fuller picture of paid search campaign effectiveness by moving beyond orders and sales numbers. By tracking micro-conversions such as account creation, signing up for a catalog or email or looking up a store location it's possible to get a better idea of paid search campaign performance.

Watch as Adrienne Raynor discusses the 5 steps to setting up micro-conversion tracking.

To learn more about micro-conversion tracking, as well as CSEs, SERP Conditioning and more, download the full Dossier 4.2 here:


Adrienne Raynor: Hi. I'm Adrienne Raynor, Senior Analyst at RKG. Today I want to talk to you about important events that happen outside of traditional sales orders that can be measured to help understand the full value of paid search.

I'm talking about micro-conversions, occurrences like signing up for a catalog or email, creating an account, or checking for a local store, all ways that users engage with your brand that can have a potential for sales down the road. In order to get in the game, let's check out some of the basics.

Step one. Decide what events are predictive for downstream sales. Check out the Dossier for more ideas.

Step two. Set up tracking for these events. It's simple, more static than a traditional sales pixel, and smart tracking can tie back orders to each interaction event for deep analysis.

Step three. Gather data and analyze. Dig into the data so we can identify trends.

Step four. Incorporate into bidding strategy. Once we're confident in the trends of micro-conversions, it's essential that we utilize this information.

Step five. Continually reevaluate for change in trends and fluctuations in value.

I hope you're considering micro-conversions, the next level of understanding for your business. Thanks for watching, and download the Dossier for more information.