Digital Marketing Report, Q3 2013 – Social and Mobile

As ever, our research around mobile devices and social media for the latest Digital Marketing Report has uncovered interesting changes and trends. Watch as Craig Zagurski discusses some key points from this report.

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Craig Zagurski: Hello, and thank you for tuning in for another video on the RKG blog. I'm Craig Zagurski and I'm an SEO Copywriter at RKG. For today's video, I'm presenting our findings from the Digital Marketing Report Q3 in the areas of mobile devices and social media, and how each of those contribute to search traffic.

The big news from mobile in Q3 was Apple's release of iOS 7 which replaces Google with Bing as the default search engine for Siri voice search. Granted, the launch came with only a couple of weeks of Q3 remaining, but Google still held a whopping 84 percent share of iOS 7 clicks which was, in fact, 3% more than iOS 6 clicks. Maybe Siri's not a huge fan of arranged marriages.

Adoption of Apple's new operating system has been quite strong so far, as iOS 7 needed only two weeks to outpace its predecessor in organic search visits. As for the other iOS devices category, market research shows that primarily most of those are iPhone 1s docked at an iHome by the hot tub pumping Fergalicious. I'm looking at you, Grandpa.

Mobile devices overall combine to account for 28% of organic search visits with iPad leading the way at nearly 10%, and Android devices not too far behind at nearly 8 percent. And we have a new leader in the mobile share of organic search. In Q3, Yahoo saw 1% more of its searches on mobile than Google.

And while Yahoo's climb has been steady over the past year, we aren't ruling out the possibility that the position change may be due to Google generating more paid clicks from mobile.

And now, social.

Game Show Host: Welcome back. Craig, you lead the board. Make your selection, please.

Craig: I'll take reefers for $1,000, Alex.

Game Show Host: Right. That's referers. And the answer is Facebook, which continues to lead all social channels and referred site visits. Craig.

Craig: Who is your daddy?

Game Show Host: That's correct.

Yes, Facebook still dominates social visit share at 52%, but Pinterest gained hefty ground at 14% by the end of Q3. And for those of you who may be tracking any of the games from the social site who also happens to control the SERP's puppet strings, Google+ is generating a solid 1% of the social visit share. And finally, this interesting bit of trivia, 30% of visits to social media sites happen on mobile devices, which is double the social visit share from a year ago.

Heck, you might be liking, pinning, sharing, commenting, tweeting, plussing this video on your mobile device right now. That's so Q3.

And that about does it for the mobile and social parts of the third quarter. Thank you very much for watching. If you haven't yet, please be sure to check out our other videos on the RKG blog for the Digital Marketing Report. And if you haven't downloaded the report yet, there is lots of other hot off the press information you'll find interesting. So please grab yours right away. Thanks for watching.