Digital Marketing Report -Mobile & Social

In this video we share insights around social media and mobile search taken from our Digital Marketing Report which is available for download here.

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Paul Panteleon: Hey, everybody. Thank you for joining us again in this RKG video. I'm Paul Panteleon, and last time we talked a little about our second quarter digital marketing report findings for iOS 6. Today I want to talk a little about our findings around mobile and social.

First up is mobile, everyone's favorite topic, because who doesn't love their smartphone? In Q2, we continue to see mobile devices', including tablets and smartphones, share of organic search growing. In fact, Q2 of this year we see it at about 26% versus 24% last quarter. Now how that breaks down is about 18% of that search traffic is coming from iOS devices, with iPad accounting for roughly half of that. Then, following a distant second, we see Android at around 7%.

In Q2, we see that Yahoo! did gain a bit of ground on Google in share of traffic from mobile, with both search engines coming in around 28%. Now this could partly be because Google is monetizing mobile traffic at a greater rate, in fact generating nearly 31% of paid clicks from mobile. While Bing saw a big quarter-over-quarter increase, it's still trailing Yahoo! and Google by a pretty wide margin.

Now in social news, you'll be glad to hear Facebook is still the 800-pound gorilla, digitally stomping on their competition. In fact, Facebook is delivering about 58% of all traffic coming from social channels. Do you see him? See the gorilla? See how happy he is to be stomping on the competition? In case you haven't heard, water is also still wet. Now while search traffic continues to grow from social channels, it's still a pretty small percentage, coming in at just about 1%.

Facebook Exchange, or FBX as the cool kids call it, is delivering a great value to advertisers, with CPMs running 78% below those for other display ads. Revenue per click is actually only about 9% below other display efforts. So it's definitely something to look into if you think it's a good fit for your business and something we can certainly help you out with.

Well, that's it for today. Thanks for watching. I really appreciate it. Now that you've got a taste for what kind of content we have in our digital marketing report, why don't you go ahead and follow the linky right down here below the video, and download the full meal deal, where you can get all of the charts and graphs that you could possibly want.

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