Instructional and informative videos from thought leaders in the online marketing space:

  • Google Carousel’s Impact on Paid Search – Find out what issues have been caused by Carousel and how to make sure your paid search campaigns can benefit from this feature. Read the full article in Dossier 4.3.
  • Dossier 4.2 – Micro-conversions – Adrienne Raynor talks about important micro-conversion metrics to track beyond sales and order numbers, and the five steps to get started.
  • Dossier 4.2 – SERP Conditioning – Tune in and watch Ben Goodsell describe recent changes to Google’s SERP pages. Changes we’ve termed, “SERP Conditioning.”
  • Digital Visibility – Learn about RKG’s Digital Visibility Strategy and how it differs from traditional link building.
  • Digital Marketing Report -iOS6 – RKG’s Digital Marketing Report for Q2 2013 covers the iOS 6 secure search issue, as well as trends in SEO, PPC and more. Watch the video to learn more.
  • Change=Opportunity – With change comes opportunity, and technological advancements have led to big changes in how marketers communicate to consumers, and vice versa. This change means opportunity for brands and smart marketers. Watch as George Gallate, RKG CEO, discusses how we think about the opportunities brought about by this mass of communication, what it means for brands and what role SEO plays in linking it all together.
  • Responsive Design for Mobile SEO – With all the buzz about responsive design, we think it’s important to take a step back and think about when responsive design is a great choice for a mobile website, and when it doesn’t make sense. Here Adam Audette explores the pros and cons of using responsive design vs. using the vary header or subdomains/subfolders.
  • Authorship – The idea of authorship has the potential to change many things about how we view authors and content on the web. Not only does rel=author impact SEO, but it also impacts how Google scores and ranks pages. There are also some challenges relating to the ownership of content when authorship is enabled, which Adam explores.
  • Sustainable Link Development – With all the recent Google algorithm updates it can be easy to get confused as to what constitutes a solid link development strategy. Watch as Adam Audette discusses some key questions around creating a long-term link building strategy including integrating social media and how to approach mobile.
  • Future of Digital Experience – Find out what RKG CEO, George Gallate, sees as the future of the digital experience and how RKG is positioned at the intersection of search and social.
  • Meet George Gallate – Meet George Gallate, CEO of RKG. With an extensive background in the digital marketing world, George brings a wealth of experience to RKG.
  • SEO for Product Variations – Learn the three primary methods RKG recommends to deal with the many variations of products on ecommerce sites, and keep both users and search engines happy.
  • SEO for Travel – Learn how to leverage SEO to drive more traffic, and ultimately bookings, to your travel website. In this video, Adam Audette covers the primary considerations.
  • RKG Marshall Simmonds Interview Marshall Simmonds Interview – Watch Marshall Simmonds and Adam Audette talk about SEO for publishing including Google News, the news_keywords metatag and more.
  • Danny Sullivan Interview, Part 1
    Tune in to watch part 1 of this 3 part video, where Adam Audette interviews Danny Sullivan about the beginnings of SEO and link building.
  • Danny Sullivan Interview, Part 2 – Watch the second part of our interview with Danny Sullivan, in which Danny and Adam talk about changes in link building including Google’s new disavow tool and directory links.
  • Danny Sullivan Interview, Part 3
    In the third and final installment of our Danny Sullivan interview, he and Adam chat about the implications of Authorship, social signals and the role they play in search results.