Dossier is a journal filled with original articles detailing best-of-breed strategy and encouraging a data-driven approach to online marketing. Dossier is written by the Merkle | RKG team as well as esteemed guest writers from other firms. Dossier is distributed to an extensive subscriber list and at industry trade shows. Past issues are highlighted below and available for free download as PDFs.

Dossier: Volume 6.1, 2015

  • In Dossier 6.1, leaders in the industry share insights on topics ranging from high-level marketing strategy to tactical approaches for specific channels. Articles include:
    • What is the Performance in Performance Marketing
    • Using Personas to Sharpen Your SEO and Content Focus
    • Winning Creative Isn’t Subjective: Proven Principles for Increasing Response In Any Channel
    • 18 of Your Biggest Facebook Questions Answered by Our Experts
    • Google Shopping Campaigns: Grow & Control Your PLAs with Query Mapping
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Dossier: Volume 5.2, 2014

  • 6 Ways to be Pin-tastic on Pinterest, Avoiding A Marketing Death Spiral, Addressability At Scale, The SEO Era of Penalties, Creating Digital Visibility
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Dossier: Volume 5.1, 2014

  • Applying Science to Social Media, How Do We Know If Our Display Program is Really Adding Value, The Long Tail of Search Marketing is Alive & Well, Using Engagement Metrics to Find Mobile Search Ranking Wins, Will the Value of Smartphone Traffic Ever Match Desktop?
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Dossier: Volume 4.3, 2013

  • The Future of Geo-Targeting, Optimize Your Digital Marketing RFP Process, Zeroing In On The Full Value of Mobile Traffic, How Google Carousel is Impacting Paid Search, Effectively Scaling Product Listing Ads
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Dossier: Volume 4.1, 2013

  • Google Enhanced Campaigns, Navigating the Display Ad Tech Landscape, Brand Driven SEO, International SEO Strategy for Travel, You Have to Pay to ‘Play’, Marketing As Applied Science
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Dossier: Volume 3.3, 2012

  • Remarketing Arrives For Google Search Ads, 3 Barriers To Proper Attribution & 1 Solution, Facebook Launches Ad Exchange, Tips for Holiday Season Success, 4 Methods for Linking Online Ad Dollars to Offline Sales, Content is How You Scale Link Building
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Dossier: Volume 3.2, 2012

  • Quantifying Google’s CPC Decline: Don’t Blame Mobile, Making the Most of Site Search, Facebook Ads Primer: The Latest Basics, SEO for Large eCommerce Sites, PPC Performance Troubleshooting Made Easy
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Dossier: Volume 3.1, 2012

  • Integrated Search Marketing, Understanding the Value of a Social Media Fab, Spending Wisely and Generating Lift via Display Advertising, Google Dynamic Search Ads are Here, a Look at 3 Types of Online Tracking, PPC to Phone Tracking, Paid Search Conversion by Position.
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Dossier: Volume 2.3, 2011

  • Paid Search Tactics for the Holidays, Prepping for Holiday SEO, 24 Top Paid Search Metrics Explained, Mobile Traffic Patterns in Paid Search, Building the Business case for Advanced Marketing (written by Jim Novo), The Private Sale in Online Travel Distribution, Google Interview RKG about PLAs, Introducing Adam Audette, Q&A on AudetteMedia joining forces with RKG
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Dossier: Volume 2.2, 2011

  • Why Your Search Agency will Manage Your Display Program, RKG Research: Attribution Managment in Action, Introducing John Shea, former Googler and RKG’s VP of Strategic Accounts, Finding Value in the Google Search Network, SEM 101, 5 Tips for Product Feeds and CSEs, Facebook 101: Key Strategies and Metrics, Is the SEM Agency Model Dead?
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Dossier: Volume 2.1, 2011

  • Trending Now: E-Commerce and SEO, Marketing on Facebook, Why Cheap Hotels Aren’t Cheap, Breaking Down the Google Search Results Page, The Four Principles of Highly Persuasive Websites, Bringing Them Back: A Primer on Retargeting, Structuring a Sound Online Marketing RFP.
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Dossier: Volume 1.2 2010

  • Google Bid Simulator and Broad Match Modifiers, 5 PPC Lessons for the Holidays, Mobile: A Work Still Very Much in Progress, Multichannel Attribution: The Results are in, What it Takes to be an RKG Analyst.
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Dossier: Volume 1.1, 2010

  • Bing-Yahoo! What does it Mean?, What Travel Can Learn From Retail, The Multichannel Attribution Management Solution, What’s Hot: Mobile.
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