Business Insider Talks Google Shooping with RKG and Channel Advisor

Business Insider was quick to get RKG’s analysis of Google’s recent changes to Google Shopping.

Mark Ballard, a senior research analyst at RKG, noted that while changing Google Shopping to a fully paid marketing channel could generate a bit revenue for Google’s paid click services, it could also draw the ire of antitrust regulators, advertisers, and users.


Ecommerce Times also conducted an interview with Mark Ballard on Google Shopping’s switch to a CPC product:

“Based on our clients’ results, we would expect Google Shopping to increase Google’s paid click total in the neighborhood of 2 to 5 percent over the long term. That’s not a huge percentage, but it would ultimately mean billions more in revenue for Google,” Mark Ballard, senior research analyst at Rimm-Kaufman Group, told the E-Commerce Times.

Profit is likely to come without many complaints from retailers, Ballard said.

“The reaction from our retail clients has been more positive than I expected,” he said. “While no one is happy about having to pay for traffic that we were previously getting for free, a number of retailers have expressed optimism that the change will help fight price erosion and eliminate low-quality merchants who turn customers off from the entire comparison shopping channel.”