Maximizing Returns and Value From Syndication Networks


RKG has long known that the value of traffic from the search engines’ syndication partners is much lower than that of the .com of the search engine itself. While Google has allowed exclusion of the syndication partners for some time, it wasn’t until the first quarter of 2010 that Yahoo allowed the same controls.

With Yahoo now allowing us to segment traffic into separate campaigns for and + syndicates, RKG saw the opportunity to increase quality traffic for our clients and therefore also saw an opportunity to increase incremental sales.


For one well-known online scrubs retailer, the non-brand high traffic terms for the account were launched in a separate campaign on standard match for
only. Appropriate bid differentials were applied to this campaign and the + syndicates campaigns based on the knowledge of the quality of traffic for each.


  • From week 6 when new strategy was launched, RKG’s client saw a 255% increase in non-brand sales.
  • The ad cost to sales ratio during the same time period for Yahoo dropped 6 percent.