Proactive Paid Search Management Boosts “1 Day Sale” Revenue


One of RKG’s clients, a prominent, IR-500, multichannel clothing company had a site-wide, 30% off sale to celebrate their company’s birthday. Historically, these types of large, one-day sales have always been solid drivers of top line revenue, but the client felt that their previous SEM had dropped the ball a few times in the past. RKG hoped to improve upon prior one-day sale performances by running a proactive, efficient paid search campaign on the day of the birthday sale.


The birthday sale fell on a Saturday, but RKG Analysts were ready with ad copy messaging the deep discounts. Further, understanding that past conversion rates on the day of sale would likely hover around 20%, RKG knew to push bids to garner as much competitive traffic as possible. Bids were checked and updated hourly to ensure that the program was still running efficiently. At midday, the client called RKG and said that while the early results for paid search were phenomenal, other channels were not doing as well. The clients then asked if there was more room to push search traffic that day. At midday RKG began aggressively pushing bids thus driving qualified, efficient, and high converting traffic to the client’s website.


The sale ended up being a huge success for the client; with paid search contributing over 1 million dollars in sales, on ad spend of a bit over $135,000. RKG drove an 86% increase in revenue over the previous 30% off sale.