You can do anything at Zombocom

Here at RKG we follow alternative search engines closely. What is intriguing about is its sheer breadth — as their tag line says, you can do anything at Zombocom.

The folks in Mountain View are probably watching closely. launched in Oct ’99, and stands poised for rapid growth in Web2.o era. As they say, anything is possible.

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    6 Responses to “You can do anything at Zombocom”
    1. Hmmm… something must be wrong with my browser because I can’t do anything with zombo. I get their logo and some flashing colored circles, but nothing else…

    2. Nigel Varcoe says:

      I get the same thing as Rachel … as for their tagline … “I can’t do anything at” … not a good first experience!!!

    3. Make sure you have sound turned on.

      And remember, the infinite is possible at Zombocom.

    4. Michael Levin says:

      lol, you guys who say you can’t do anything are completely looking over the joke…

    5. George says:

      LOL @ people not getting it.