Jun 222008

YAPC 2008

For the third year running, we at RKG are proud to have sponsored the annual North American Perl conference.

YAPC::NA 2008 was a wonderful geek conference which occurred last week in Chicago. RKG strongly supports the open-source movement, and we do our best to give something back to the community through sponsorships and code.

Kudos to the other fine organizations who chipped in:

Google, O'Reilly, ITA Software, Summersault, Grant Street Group, Deutsche Börse Group, CheetahMail, Rakudo, OpenMake, Rimm-Kaufman Group, Active State, Knowmad, WhitePages, Apress , PackT Publishing, Pragmatic Bookshelf, No Starch Press, PlainBlack, CarSpot, Where2GetIt, VirtualMin, Allant, CBS Sports, DRW Trading, Free Software Magazine



One Response to "YAPC 2008"
Andrew Moore says:
I attend YAPC every year, and love it. We depend on contributions from people like you, and each of us attendees are very aware of who the sponsors are. Thanks for helping us out!

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