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Disabling No-Follow In Comments

Update: We're currently not following (that is, we are no-following) due to too much spam. More details

"Link generously: you reap what you sow."
-- Randa Clay

We encourage comments on our blog.

We're joining the "I Follow" movement, and have removed the rel="no follow" tags from our comment links.

This "rewards" real comments with authentic 100% SEO-counted links.

We use automated and manual filters to remove link-spam attempts. If you leave a spammy or contentless or inappropriate comment, our blog gremlins will toss it down the bottomless pit. Same goes for pingbacks from MFA sites, and keyword stuffed bogus user names. (Did your parents actually name you Viagra Online?)

Thanks for staying real.

For more background on the "I-Follow" movement, check out Randa Clay for background and logos, or Dawud Miracle for the DoFollow Wordpress plugin.

And here's a "D-List" of some bloggers participating in this movement (as of April, 2007).

Feel free to join the "movement. If you do, add your blog to the list.

Update (1/15/08): We no longer display pingbacks or trackbacks due to spam.


21 Responses to "Disabling No-Follow In Comments"
Eve says:
Hey! good to see you join in!
Thanks for the mention, Alan.
Colleen says:
Thanks for keeping the list going!
SYH says:
Glad to one of the Do Follow Blogger..:)
Bookworm SEO says:
Is there some hack to do this in blogger? I'm guessing you just cut the nofollow out of the comments part of the template?
Bookworm: Sorry, we're a WordPress shop. There's likely a more elegant way to handle in Blogger, but we're not experienced on that platform. Do post the 'right way to do it' in Blogger, if you find it.
Bookworm, Alan, So far that is the only way I have seen to remove the restriction in blogger and that is by removing it manually. I have added the rkgblog to my DList.
Eva says:
So, I keep hearing about this "nofollow" stuff. Is there a detriment to a site allowing their links to be "followed" and how would you prevent it anyway? Thanks, Eva
Eva -- When you add a "followed" link to your site (which is the default, you don't have to do anything special to have a link followed by the spiders), you're in essence endorsing it, both giving it some real-world credibility by linking to it and giving it a small amount of "search engine juice" by flowing some of your page-rank to it. Because of the SEO benefit, blog comment spammers put bogus comments on blogs. To combat that, site owners "no-follow" their blog comment links. This hurts real commenters who write things of value, serving as a disincentive against readers adding comments of value. We welcome comments and readers to write, so we've chosen to "follow" all our links. We use filters to delete spam comments.Hope that helps -- Alan
Dorks Guide says:
We use Drupal and have no problem with automatic "no follow" links. I get really annoyed when I try to add valuabe content to other sites and get no credit for it. Best, DG
hypotheek says:
I think this is great, i think the "no follow" was mainly because it can make a difference in the income of some big company. But the blog and internet world does not have any positive effect on the "no follow" but they do have the negative effect that less people (eg SEO) people read and react to comment.
Manu says:
The problem is that if you have only a weblog, it could not be a problem to control every post you receive, but if you have 5 blogs with a lot of traffic how could you protect from spammers? i can put a link on a viagra site without using an automated program so an automated control cannot revise this link. I'd like to comment Dorks, why you're worried about the crediting a site is passing you when you comment on a blog? I imagine that you are giving some useful information to users not to search engines, what you're trying is that a user could benficiate of your comment not google. So what is this problem with nofollow?!? Don't you like writing in a blog with a nofolloe instead of other that do pass pr juice? why? Sorry of my bad english but i'm italian, bye.
Our most blogs by default No Follow links? I get spam on my blog and storefront left and right. Maybe it is because I don't have no follow enabled.
Follow or no follow I will place my link here anyway :-) Because I like your blog. gr, Remcowoudstra
Adam says:
New to this but hate the idea of a no follow. Won't this just prevent people from posting good information when they don't receive any credit for it? It would not only prevent me from posting but probably from reading it to begin with. Also, the more people that post comments the more chance you have of getting in the search engines so blogs really shouldn't care.
The whole nofollow thing is self-defeating. One reason people bother commenting on blogs is for a free backlink (duh!). If you don't get that anymore, what's the point? I suppose you can say, "Well, that way comments are from legit people commenting on the blog post." Good luck with that! The way to prevent the spam is to put everything into moderation and then be very proactive moderating. I applaud your removal of the nofollow!
Umbrella says:
No follow has to be the worst idea ever when it comes to actual hand typed comments. Too bad there isn't a way to just eliminate the spam bots.
journal kiev says:
Our most blogs by default No Follow links? I get spam on my blog and storefront left and right. Maybe it is because I don’t have no follow enabled.


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