Aug 292013

Video: Is Google Training Our Search Behavior?

Dossier 4.2 - SERP Conditioning

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Would Google really train users to view the SERPs in a certain way? Ben Goodsell explores this idea in his article, "SERP Conditiong", now available for download in Dossier 4.2. In today's video he talks about where the term SERP Conditioning came from and what it means.

Just follow the short link to download the full Dossier 4.2.


2 Responses to "Video: Is Google Training Our Search Behavior?"
dotseo says:
Yeah i think its Google main GOLD number 1, if they know our search behvaior they can make us buy what they want, when they want - if you say, they dont know it yet and training us right now, you are wrong - they KNOW your search behavior, but evrything can always be better and we are humans - not robots, there are more then one thing in our lifes there define our search behavior - the best word for it, will be in progress! ;-)
Ali Mese says:
Just adore the name you call it 'SERP conditioning', couldn't have been named better!

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