Video: Google and RKG Discuss GDN Enhanced Campaigns

Last week, Google and RKG held a Hangout on Air to discuss the impacts of Enhanced Campaigns on the Google Display Network and how advertisers can best take advantage of the new Powerful Bidding Tools Enhanced Campaigns offers.

The Hangout featured: Bob Dillon, Director of Global Display Sales and Strategy at Google; David Kennedy, Director of Paid Media at RKG; and Michelle Ulizio, Display Product Manager at RKG.

For an in depth review of how targeting options have changed under Enhanced Campaigns, we also encourage you to check out Michelle’s earlier post on the topic.

  • Mark Ballard
    Mark Ballard is Director of Research at Merkle | RKG.
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    One Response to “Video: Google and RKG Discuss GDN Enhanced Campaigns”
    1. It’s interesting..but here’s an idea, The layering of GDN campaigns, would eventually become
      extremely complex..I’m thinking of the Multi-Channel Funnel Overview Report, but make a tool for the GDN.

      It would be a nice tool if you could generate a complex Venn layer, which would clearly show
      your modifiers – I could see myself going crazy trying to figure out what I’m bidding with so many factors, unless you’re a Vulcan.

      Pivoted by view. (Interest Categories, Demographics, Topic Targeting etc..)
      Pivoted by eligible Ads
      Pivoted by remarketing layer

      Take it further – In Google Analytics and overlay the report with the data, perhaps dashboardable
      and this would be powerful & meaningful.

      Pivot by URL
      Pivot by Experiment (A/B) Test.
      Pivot by location
      Pivot by Goal
      Pivot by Event

      Put that on the pile of idea’s Google could offer, unless this tool already exists!.