Oct 242013

Video: Digital Marketing Report - Social and Mobile

Digital Marketing Report, Q3 2013 - Social and Mobile

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Looking for the latest research on social media and mobile devices? You've come to the right place. In the Q3 Digital Marketing Report we cover contributions to search traffic from both mobile and social media, as well as important changes in each.

Topics covered include adoption of iOS 7, mobile share of traffic, social media referers and more.

Be sure to download the Digital Marketing Report, Q3 2013 here.


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Alva Somoza says:
Hi Craig, thank you for sharing the information. This is amazing, Digital Marketing Report and I just heard this. Sorry, I am not just updated to what's new. That's why if I have time I will read some news online. Digital marketing Report sounds interesting. I will check this out. Thank you.
You're welcome, Alva. I hope you find this information valuable in your endeavors, and we thank you for stopping by the RKG Blog. Craig

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