Aug 292010

Useful links from RKG Blog

Hi folks,

To avoid any appearance of link spamming, below are a list of "more information" links for my "Time is Money" Post going live at SEL on Monday 8-30-2010. If you're a regular reader of RKG Blog, you'll want to skip this one for now and wait for the full article at SEL or RKG Blog on Monday.

Measuring the value of traffic.

Measuring spillover to the call center

Javascript tracking drops between 10 and 30% of the traffic it's trying to track.

Measure cross channel effects

How to pick cookie windows.

Developing efficiency targets.

Avoid campaign budgets.

Advanced Keyword list maintenance.

The importance of anticipatory bidding.

Syndication partner performance.

How important is the tail?

Data on product extensions.

How to calculate Day-parting rules.


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[...] This list is not intended to be complete, but a mixture of tried and true essentials and perhaps a few new ideas that folks haven’t tried yet. I’ve written about many of these topics on the Rimm-Kaufman blog; head over there for a list of links to additional posts and further elaboration. [...]

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