Dec 92009

Top Marketer of 2009!

Invesp is holding a contest for the Top Marketer of 2009. They've taken nominees and compiled a list of 100 candidates for the honor. I was crushed...crushed that I didn't make this list. Granted, all these folks Tweet and I don't, so maybe I was just overlooked...? Sigh...

To my thinking there are two different ways for me to handle this...the mature adult approach would be to vote for my favorite on the list, and sincerely congratulate whoever wins.

A less mature approach would be to sneer at the process, and suggest that this is nothing more than a very clever way of getting some quality inbound links on the phrase "Top Marketer."

Though it goes against my nature, I've decided to take the mature approach. There are some truly amazing folks on the list, many of whom I count as friends. Being unable to choose between them, I'm going to vote for the name that is alphabetically first among those friends: Adam Audette. Adam has agreed to do a blog interview on RKGBlog so the least I can do is throw all my legions of supporters behind his candidacy...okay that would be Ryan and me...

Good luck Adam, and congratulations to the winner...even if that turns out to be :-)


6 Responses to "Top Marketer of 2009!"
Linda Bustos says:
I agree, you should be on the list of nominees.
Linda, you're very kind...probably misguided in this case, but very very kind. Get Elastic is one of the few blogs I read religiously. You're not only one of the great marketing minds on the planet, but you write beautifully to boot. And I'm not just saying that to be nice...people who know me well know that I'm just not that nice :-)
Adam Audette says:
Thanks!! Hilarious read and also dead on, George, as usual. I just knew my "alphabetical advantage" would come in handy one day, and it finally did! I'm counting on that advantage for my retirement. I'll be naming all my kids with "A" names. Not many will beat us in alphabetical lists! Thanks again, in all honesty, it's awesome to get your support.
Yes, Adam, the alphabet treated you well in this case, and poor Linda just missed. If I can't be king, maybe I can be king-maker!?! Hear that legions? Vote for Adam, I say! Oh legions? Where are you legions? Ryan, clear cookies and vote for Adam again :-)
Billy Wolt says:
the fact that there are a bunch of dirty affiliate marketers on there (shoomonee, chow, etc), I would take the less mature approach. To put those guys in there with people that have really done legitimate work is nonsense.
Interesting point, Billy! Moreover, I don't see many actual marketers on the lists, just vendors. Not that we vendors aren't often pretty good marketers, but virtually excluding the folks who direct the marketing efforts, set the targets and budgets etc, makes me wonder how carefully this was thought through. Or, did they just rank the number of twitter followers and grab the top 100?

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