Jun 82012

RKG Summit: Top 5 SEO Conundrums with Adam Audette

In his presentation for the 2012 RKG Summit, Adam Audette covers getting stakeholder buy-in for search engine optimization, proper handling of pagination and faceted content, site crawlability and other top concerns for SEOs.

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3 Responses to "RKG Summit: Top 5 SEO Conundrums with Adam Audette"
BienTek says:
There were some good enduring principles of designing a site with search engines and users both in mind. The concept of category segmentation applied to URLs was especially useful - the idea that you can identify the types of segments (aka dimensions or filters) and apply the ones users actually search for to a canonical URL.
Pageonepower says:
Emphasizing diversity in SEO tactics is so important. There's no cut and dry formula to success.
Great video...but please..please...could you include a version on Youtube. Vimeo is the slowest experience for myself... Searchengineman.

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