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"I dropped the toothpaste," said Tom, crestfallen.

100% off-topic post -- not about online marketing.

tom swift

My family and I enjoy word games (maybe that's why I work in paid search?).

Recently we've been playing with Tom Swifties.

See if you can guess the adverb. Hover to remove the gray obfuscation.

  • "Where did my garden flowers go?" asked Tom endearingly.
  • "Would you like to see my Japanese water garden?" asked Tom coyly.
  • "Let's order every appetizer at the Chinese restaurant" said Tom wantonly.
  • "I lost the ram," admitted Tom sheepishly.
  • "I know the 4th and 22nd letters of the alphabet," said Tom deviously.
  • "My car has four flats," said Tom tiredly.
  • "Please light the candle," requested Tom wickedly.
  • "My father-in-law got alot of sun in Miami," said Tom tangentially.
  • "I intend to drown myself in Egypt," said Tom nihilistically.
  • "That boutique is owned by a man," said Tom historically.
  • "Vojislav Kostunica!" said Tom acerbically.
  • "From now on I only wear kilts," said Tom expansively.
  • "My son shot up three inches last year" said Tom gruesomely.
  • "I never know what to buy at the supermarket," said Tom listlessly.
  • "Go the back of the boat!" ordered Tom sternly.
  • "I'll prepare all the lemon zest" offered Tom gratefully.

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11 Responses to ""I dropped the toothpaste," said Tom, crestfallen."
Baron says:
One I've made up: "I don't have a girlfriend," Tom said ruthlessly. One I didn't: "I hate pineapple," Tom said dolefully.
"I love central air conditioning," said Tom productively.
"I always support my team," Tom said cheerfully. "Take the convict down to the dungeon," Tom said condescendingly. "No shredded cheese for me," Tom said ungratefully. "Aaaghhh, It burns!" Tom said caustically. Not an adverb, but: "I'll put my money in the bank," said Tom with interest.
Jay says:
"Put that porridge back on the table!" said Tom forebearingly.
Bryan says:
“Pass the steak,” Tom said rarely. “I didn’t hit anyone with my motorcycle,” Tom said recklessly. “Fill ‘er up”, Tom said regularly. “Have you been to Pike Place Market?” Tom asked selfishly.
stewart says:
"Might as well be a bullseye," Tom said arrogantly.
Mark says:
“Maybe roofing isn’t for you,” Tom said tactfully. “I suppose I'll get his money when he dies,” Tom said airily “I hate having to get up so early,” Tom said mournfully. “I don’t know how the shot missed,” Tom said blankly.
Mark Lee says:
"That's one sexy airplane," said Tom leeringly. "The shell passed right through my abdomen," said Tom hollowly. "It was either that or wait to be fired," replied Tom resignedly. "This is likely to sting a bit," warned the nurse pointedly. "And then another 18-wheeler came along," stated Tom flatly. "That doorknob just gave me a shock," cried Tom ecstatically. "This paparazzi business is getting dangerous," said Tom, starstruck. "I'll never get all these envelopes in the mail," said Tom tastelessly. "See you in seven days," whispered Tom weakly. "I'm not going to say 'yes' this time," said Tom knowingly. "Is there some way to drive traffic to my site?" implored Tom searchingly. "Google must surely have a tool for that," stated Tom analytically.
mlankton says:
"Please let me through" said Tom, adoringly.
Bryan says:
"Business is so-so," explained Tom marginally. "Always pay your taxes," chided Tom dutifully. "My leg really hurts," complained Tom limply. "I hate waking up!" yelled Tom alarmingly. "Is that truck for sale?" asked Tom affordably. "No, but this car is," said the UVA student cavalierly.
"These new shoes are great", said Tom soulfully

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