Jan 72009

The Work Email Inbox Overfloweth?

Anyone else noticing a sharp increase in unsolicited B2B email?

Not the "traditional" consumer Viagra-type spam, easily scrubbed by the spam filters.

Rather, unsolicited and seemingly untargeted B2B email.

Email from unknown recruiters, IT outsourcers, telecom, backup solutions, insurance, refactorers, etc. The emails appear to be from real businesses -- at least the websites look legit -- but no relevance, no targeting, no indication they know what we do.

We (RKG) don't send bulk unsolicited email. Like many businesses, we do send individual emails to reach out to prospects. But never untargeted, never in bulk, and hopefully not perceived as irrelevant.

Another just arrived while writing this post, offering to translate our site to Spanish or Chinese.

I sense B2B email oversaturation rumbling towards us...



One Response to "The Work Email Inbox Overfloweth?"
Duane Gran says:
I too have experienced this after downloading a few white papers. While a few follow up messages have been pertinent they mostly chip around the edges of my business interest. The consequence is that I'm much less likely to give attention to the worthwhile message.

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