Mar 222010

That "Law" Thing

Those of us in business are keenly aware of the fact that laws matter, and that they're both subject to change and subject to different interpretations. It is therefore important to stay on top of legal issues relating to internet advertising, nexus, and online eCommerce in general.

Two great sources of information are available from Brann & Isaacson:

We're big fans of B & I. It's refreshing to work with attorneys who get the internet, and who don't need a ton of background information on how websites and web advertising work to write a contract or review important documents. Highly recommended!


2 Responses to "That "Law" Thing"
It would be a good thing to know something about law and legal issues. Will be bookmarking this recommendation just in case. Thanks for sharing.
Mike says:
Seems more and more "law" is being enforced on the net. It's very important to keep a close eye on the changing issues. My good friend is a lawyer but she doesn't really venture much into internet area of the law. Maybe she should. I'll be bookmarking this and sending it her way. Thanks George, Mike.

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