Jan 232007

Test Driven Development At Google

We're big fans of test-driven development (TDD) at RKG.

Writing unit tests at the same time as (or even before) corresponding code leads to a stronger, more robust codebase. Strangely enough, even with the extra work, we find it speeds development. TDD makes debugging easier. TDD also provides definititive documentation of edge-case behavior.

Yes, we're big fans of TDD.

But not so much as Google, it seems.

Google (according to Nial Kennedy via ValleyWag) provides TDD tutorials in their bathroom stalls (!) :

Test Driven Development at Google

If this is a gag, then I've been had. But I think it is real.


One Response to "Test Driven Development At Google"
Testing on the Toilet is real. In my experience there are plastic document holders placed above each urinal and on the wall of toilet stalls. A new "episode" is added every week or so.

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