Talking Click Quality With Danny Sullivan

Danny Sullivan

Following a post here from last week, Danny Sullivan, SEL’s illustrious Editor-In-Chief, emailed me some follow-up questions about how we buy clicks for clients (answer: carefully!), and how we allocate budget across the engines (answer: we don’t!)

At Danny’s suggestion, I responded to his questions over at Search Engine Land.

The longish SEL post discusses click quality, the click inventory plateau, and suggests a spreadsheet exercise you can do yourself to check out your own sales vs. efficiency trade-off.

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Link: All Clicks Aren’t Created Equal: Q&A With Danny Sullivan

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    One Response to “Talking Click Quality With Danny Sullivan”
    1. P K Murthy says:


      Very interesting post! Thank you.
      One thing I’m curious about. Yahoo introduced a version of “smart pricing” in 2007, where clicks are discounted based on its “convertibility”. Yet, this doesn’t seem to have reversed Yahoo’s click share loss to Google. Any comments?