Yahoo’s LiveSearch over at AllTheWeb uses AJAX to build search results pages on the fly, as you type.

Microsoft has released Strider Search Ranger, which helps content advertisers determine the IPs of the “publishers” snarfing up their ad budgets.

It is neat to revisit a topic area after some time away and note quantum improvements in search relevance.

In February, Yahoo aggressively took back share from Google, returning to Jan 2006 levels. Digging into our largest 50 accounts, the average percentage change in Google ad spend from Jan ‘07 to Feb ‘07 was up 8%. Their average percentage change in Yahoo ad spend over the same period was up 24%

Match types are a critical — but too often overlooked — aspect of paid search. Put time and testing into your match type decisions — you’ll be well rewarded for it.

Yahoo Pipes is a beta Yahoo service that allows non-programmers to create RSS mashups.

The following graph shows Yahoo conversion rates (green) and Yahoo click through rates (blue) climbing in the waning months of 2006, indexed relative to Google.

While two months don’t constitute a trend, and while the last two months don’t staunch the tremendous loss of share Yahoo suffered from Google over 2006, it is interesting to see that the arrival of Panama coincided with two upward months in ad spend share in Yahoo’s favor.

The venerable Yahoo Search Suggestion Tool is back, for now at least.

Yahoo has started campaigning Firefox users to change their default search engine from Google to Yahoo. Big big money at stake.

Diane Rinaldo, Yahoo Search Marketing’s Senior Director for Retail, describes the Panama launch and describes upcoming improvements including targeting, new ad formats, and new distribution options. Diane also offers advice for multichannel marketers.

In a play for ad revenue, Google is making the world’s information slightly less universally accessible and slightly less useful. On December 5th, Google quietly stopped accepting new sign-ups for the Google SOAP Search API.

DonorsChoose is website which allows teachers to request mini-grants from donors, and donors to help fund those grants, though gift certificates and additional donations. Kudos to Yahoo for supporting this non-profit group, and in turn, supporting schools across the country.

Rumors of Yahoo!’s death greatly exaggerated: From an engineer’s perspective, Y!’s “Panama” platform rocks.

Google announced that they’ve released their sitemaps spec to the community under the Creative Commons share-alike license, and that Yahoo and Microsoft have adopted the standard.

Eric Savitz over at Baron’s wrote a short provocative article yesterday. To whit: Y! could increase shareholder value by reverting to a Google affiliate.

Barry Schwartz posts notes on new Yahoo platform.

Yahoo provides curious list of supposed “top-20″ misspellings.

If your company currently advertises using CSEs — or if your company is thinking about starting -– the ARTS-NRF CSE standardization effort will help you. Here are four steps to support this initiative.

Highlights from the Google/Yahoo/Microsoft panel at Annual, NYC, Wednesday, October 11, 2006. Brett Goffin, Google.
Diane Rinaldo, Yahoo.
Jason Dailey, Microsoft.

Standard data exchange formats designed to simplify online advertising were announced today in New York City at the annual convention of, the online division of the National Retail Federation. These standard formats will allow advertisers to send detailed product-level information to search engines more efficiently.

There will be a press release going on the wires next week from NRF and ARTS on standardizing the formats used to send data to and receive data from the shopping comparison engines.

Shares of Yahoo! closed down 11% after reporting third-quarter results would come in low.

SEM Pricing: Bundled Prices vs A La Carte. Are you better off buying services for SEM, CSE, Affiliate Management, and SEO all under one price structure, or buying each service separately? George Michie discusses the value of the a la carte model.

Our engineers are really pleased with the support, docs, and architecture of the Yahoo new platform. We’re optimistic and think it will be win for Yahoo and advertisers.