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Oct 01 2009

PPC Conversion Rate Drop? Time to dig in

Sudden drops in conversion rates can happen for a variety of reasons. Here are some tips for identifying and addressing these issues.

Sep 16 2009

eBay Adopting Syndicated Google Paid Search Ads, Dropping Yahoo

Has eBay been phasing out syndicated Yahoo ads in favor of Google's? RKG records indicate a major change in the search partner landscape.

Feb 24 2009

Yahoo Rich Ads in Search: Paying A Premium for Brand?

Yahoo has been testing a feature that allows advertisers to add videos, custom search boxes or images to their traditional text search ads. As presented in Beta, the program seems more aligned with Yahoo's bottom line, than with those of their advertisers.

Dec 15 2008


We’ve complimented Google here before on their efforts to improve their content network. It it nice these changes are beginning to be noticed by the get-rich-quicksters too.