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Jun 03 2008

Fast Pages, Tested to Perfection: Marissa Mayer at Google I/O

Ever wondered how Google decides questions ranging from how many results to serve on a page, to the amount of whitespace with which to pad the logo and the most effective color with which to tint the sponsored link box at the top of the page?

May 29 2008

You Can Put The Button in The Right Place But You Still Can't Make Me Click It: User Interface Norms in Perspective

Embracing design and usability conventions is absolutely foundational -- but just 1 critical dimension of sites that sell effectively. What else matters?

May 17 2008

And Those That From A Distance Resemble Flies: Improve Your Web Conversion By Improving Your Categories And Taxonomies

Your current nav and prodcat categories make good sense to you. Have you considered if a different categorization might make more sense to your users?

May 13 2008

Free Tool to Help Ask the 3 (Make that 4) Most Important Questions about Your Website

Wondering if your site visitors are satisfied and how you can help them? We're fans of Avinash's 3 question primary purpose survey. A new free tool makes it easier to ask these questions on your own site.