We report on our progress porting our site to WordPress.

When Facebook makes big changes that affect their users, do they test first?

Whether your next release is a nifty widget or a workmanlike Holiday Gifts page you’ll probably want to take a look at Google’s Best Practices for Social Design.

People are the intelligent, irrational, distracted and determined folks your site needs to serve for your business to succeed. Web Analytics 2.0 is all about people.

It was great to share ideas with the smart interesting folks on the OMW online merchandising panel in San Francisco last week. I’ve jotted down a few highlights from the session.

Get perspectives from Patagonia and Wine Enthusiast in the September “Effective Website” column in Multichannel Merchant.

Yep, the site that made tabs a ubiquitous e-commerce navigation convention is at least considering making them go away.
But of course, Amazon always used tabs incorrectly, anyway. Right?

Larry Becker and I are speaking at OMW next week in San Francisco.

“Do people enjoy it? Do they get a sense of speed and purpose?” If you think these questions are worth asking about your site, read on.

“When will I get my stuff?” In our experience, that’s what’s top of mind for the customer perusing shipping options on your website’s Checkout. How well does your site answer the question?

From Mashable, an encyclopedic list of online resources for images, video, and sound. Excellent quality content, and highly effective linkbait.

Rule #1 of the Attention Economy: if I want to communicate with you (or market to you) I need to capture your attention and earn the right to keep it. Putting first things first and leveraging prominence and prioritization can help your site win a few points in the competition for online attention.

Microsoft’s new site analytics tool was mentioned at the workshop, just a day before a few screenshots were released.

For fun, we wanted to see if we could get a page dugg for Father’s Day.

Got a friend or colleague who’s dragging their feet getting on the blog reading bandwagon? Do you know they’d love it if someone would just explain RSS in plain English? Then ask them to watch this video. It’s called… “RSS in Plain English.”

RKG is speaking on paid search and website conversion at the DM Days NY Conference, June 19-21. If you’ll be there too, give us a shout.

Where does your brand fall on the practicality vs. style spectrum?

Faster sites are perceived as more usable and enjoy higher conversion as a result.

Want boomer Holiday ’07 web results? Buy this book today.

Can you evaluate the effectiveness of your website in a mere seven minutes? This exercise can’t approach the value of a comprehensive third-party review, but it can help you brush up on usability and conversion basics.

Musings on a recent Surowiecki column about feature creeped products. While it would be somewhere between disingenuous and stupid to count every site abandon as an order sacrificed to poor usability, it’s worth considering what fraction of these missed opportunities better usability could in fact reclaim.

Interesting results from a study comparing homepage usability among Fortune 30 companies and an Inc. Magazine list of fastest growing companies.

Hate bad captchas, hate ‘em! Yes, let’s defeat the ‘bots, but please, consider the usability implications.

The anonymous “Spy” collects actual management dashboard screenshots and posts them online.

Google relaunches Google Analytics. Much more than a facelift; well worth checking out.