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Jul 30 2008

RKG at the Annual Summit

This year's gathering is being held September 15-17 in Las Vegas. RKG will be leading roundtables and providing 1:1 Website Critiques. Hope to see you there.

Jul 28 2008

Effective Checkout Pages: "Voucher" vs. "Coupon" Language at CustomInk

While savvy shoppers probably recognize "voucher" as a synonym for "coupon", "voucher" may avoid the flow-destroying, avoid-being-a-sucker obligatory google coupon search. Nobody wants the nagging doubt they may overpaid.

Jul 10 2008

Rising Gas Prices and Your Marketing Message: Can Fear Persuade?

Some thoughts on a recent thread: should online retailers pitch their channel as a money-saving response to that increasingly costly drive to the mall?

Jun 12 2008

Tune Your Site Search to Sell: June Multichannel Merchant Column

Site search is a conversation, a chance to listen to your customer and respond. Tune it up, and it has the potential to be one of the most ROI-positive investments you'll make in your site. Is your site search providing maximum return?