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Jun 05 2007

What does poor website usability cost you?

Musings on a recent Surowiecki column about feature creeped products. While it would be somewhere between disingenuous and stupid to count every site abandon as an order sacrificed to poor usability, it's worth considering what fraction of these missed opportunities better usability could in fact reclaim.

May 03 2007

Beautiful is the New Usable (or vice-versa). Can You Feel It?

Those who demand ROI from their sites increasingly see aesthetics as a component of usability, not its nemesis. Perception counts, and beauty helps.

Mar 16 2007

Barry Schwartz on The Long Tail, the Google Filter , Design Defaults and Choice

Read the Boxes and Arrows interview with Barry Schwartz.

Jan 16 2007

Social Tagging and Effective E-commerce

This post introduces "The Effective Website” a bi-monthly column I’ve begun writing for Multichannel Merchant magazine. This month's column is about social tagging and e-commerce.