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Jun 14 2007

DM Days NY: RKG on Paid Search, Website Conversion

RKG is speaking on paid search and website conversion at the DM Days NY Conference, June 19-21. If you'll be there too, give us a shout.

Jun 06 2007

The 7-Minute Website Checkup

Can you evaluate the effectiveness of your website in a mere seven minutes? This exercise can't approach the value of a comprehensive third-party review, but it can help you brush up on usability and conversion basics.

Feb 23 2007

What we're reading: Joel Spolsky’s User Interface Design for Programmers

A user will stop and ponder each option presented to him wondering “What is this? Do I need this?” And in that split-second, your offer can lose its grip on that user’s attention.

Feb 14 2007

Larry Becker: Effective Websites Seminar, DMA, February 20

I'll be giving a DMA Virtual Seminar on increasing site usability and conversion on Tuesday February 20, at 1 PM EST.