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Jul 11 2007

Video: Social Networking in Plain English

The new Common Craft video on Social Networking will remind you that independent of any media or site, the real connections happen between people.

Apr 24 2007

ORielly: Data is the Intel Inside

Interesting post from Tim O'Rielly on Google's 411 service as data harvesting strategy.

Apr 23 2007

RobotReplay: (Silent) Movies, Starring Your User's Mouse.

RobotReplay is a cool new tool for recording and watching user behavior on your site. We're looking forward to trying it, even if it may leave us with a few unanswered questions.

Mar 05 2007

Naming is Power, or, Tagging Makes Some Folks More Equal than Others

With some large folksonomies soon to launch, the retailers who tag early will define the game for those that follow them.