“Do people enjoy it? Do they get a sense of speed and purpose?” If you think these questions are worth asking about your site, read on.

“When will I get my stuff?” In our experience, that’s what’s top of mind for the customer perusing shipping options on your website’s Checkout. How well does your site answer the question?

RKG is speaking on paid search and website conversion at the DM Days NY Conference, June 19-21. If you’ll be there too, give us a shout.

Musings on a recent Surowiecki column about feature creeped products. While it would be somewhere between disingenuous and stupid to count every site abandon as an order sacrificed to poor usability, it’s worth considering what fraction of these missed opportunities better usability could in fact reclaim.

RobotReplay is a cool new tool for recording and watching user behavior on your site. We’re looking forward to trying it, even if it may leave us with a few unanswered questions.

What people say about your brand is driven by how they feel after interacting with you– and your site. A good user experience can’t be “painted on” late in the design process.