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Jan 29 2010

Yahoo Q4 '09 Financials and PPC Share

Yahoo! announced their Q4 '09 earnings on Tuesday, making their best effort to portray a 4% year over year decline in revenue as a signal of a turnaround. While that certainly beats the 12-13% declines Y! saw earlier in '09, there are still troubling numbers deeper in the report and in RKG's data.

Jan 19 2007

Absolute vs. Relative URLs in RSS Feeds

Realize that much of your RSS content will be read off-site. Monitor your feeds so that your content looks good regardless of where it ends up. Stick with absolute URLs for all links and images, whether on-site or off.

Sep 25 2006

Microsoft: "When your ads get syndicated out to an advertising network all bets are off."

When your ads get syndicated out to an advertising network, all bets are off.