Anyone else noticing a sharp increase in unsolicited B2B email?

Our hapless Duck picks 2000+ MFA spam pages in 48 hours.

Spam is so gosh darn obtuse these days.

My take on Quechup: lousy site, poorly executed. And spamming to boot.

Google releases pay-per-action beta for content network.

As bot-nets drive down the cost of sending spam and as spam filtering programs improve, some spammers moving from CPM to CPC pricing. The resulting emails have no links or tracking, just a jumble of text to fool the filters and an image to carry the marketing message. Like all spam, these image emails are unwanted and annoying, but also poetically surreal. The takeaway? If the CPM drops low enough, brand advertising becomes attractive even to direct marketers.

If you’re seeking a reasonably good Outlook spam filter, try Spam Bayes.