Learn how to take your Pinterest strategy to the next level in the latest video from the Merkle|RKG social series. Copywriter Price Thomas details why the growing social network is important for brands and some of the best ways to use it to achieve your social goals.

Facebook has quietly rolled out new changes to how ads are created through the Facebook Ad Creation Tool in Facebook’s user interface.

Is the ability to interact with customers through social media just another cost of doing business, or an opportunity to excel?

RSS feeds from search results make it easy to monitor your brand across the web.

A viral marketing idea using social media.

Configure Akismet to vanish Russian spam comments.

Monitor your brand across 22 social media sites.

A big public “Thank You!” to all our clients who made our Client Summit a smashing success!

I really like Gary Varynerchuk’s video on technology, goodness, and transparency in life and business.

I recorded my NEMOA presentation and posted video.

The March MCM “Effective Website” column suggests 4 fundamental activities to online retailers developing their Social Media strategy.

We receive more customer service requests for J. C. Penney.

Purple cauliflower is a purple cow.

YouTube captures the marketer’s imagination: a huge number of eyeballs, a perfect medium for communicating messages of any length, and a user base that is nanoseconds away from your store. But how do we get them to voluntarily watch a commercial?

When Facebook makes big changes that affect their users, do they test first?

Today’s Washington Post describes backlash against FaceBook’s Beacon advertising feature.

Whether your next release is a nifty widget or a workmanlike Holiday Gifts page you’ll probably want to take a look at Google’s Best Practices for Social Design.

Three Google news items of note: Open Handset, Open Social, and Reader share.

CoComment is a browser add-in that tracks responses to comments you leave on other people’s blogs.

The “I Am Hungry” Facebook app sold on eBay for $20,100.

While The Times may be a bit late to acknowledge the full effect of search engines, blogs and social media on their business model, they’re happy to ask their readers to help them catch up.

My take on Quechup: lousy site, poorly executed. And spamming to boot.

On the social media sites it isn’t just what you know, but who you know.

The new Common Craft video on Social Networking will remind you that independent of any media or site, the real connections happen between people.

McConnell and Huba discuss social media.