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Jul 31 2007

Interview: Mercado's Kevin Lindsay On Product Data Optimization

Robust on-site search is an essential component of a successful retail website. Site search apps, however, depend on good SKU-level attribute data. Mercado's Kevin Lindsay discusses data quality and "searchandising."

Jun 06 2007

The 7-Minute Website Checkup

Can you evaluate the effectiveness of your website in a mere seven minutes? This exercise can't approach the value of a comprehensive third-party review, but it can help you brush up on usability and conversion basics.

Apr 25 2007

Interview: Michael Crandell, Celebros Site Search

Celebros provides site search, navigation and merchandising solutions for e-commerce websites. Recently, we had a chance to interview Celebros CEO Michael Crandell about site search in the world of online retail.

Jan 25 2007

19 Tactics to Destroy Online Conversion

We offer this list of tactics to marketers interested in torpedoing their site's conversion rate.