In attempt to foil “black hat” SEO approaches, the Google spider is starting to read external CSS and javascript files. This is good news for reputable site owners. Tip: make sure Google can reach you.

We’re migrating our corporate brochureware site to Wordpress. A few days into the project, we discuss project scope, plugins, url structures. Progress is slow due to the holidays but no major bumps in the road so far.

Once on a visit to Google, I heard a senior exec describe Google’s take on relationship between paid and natural search. This was some time ago, so I’m paraphrasing from memory, but he said something to the effect that the left side of the screen (organic, unpaid) was for the voice of the people — blogs, reviews, rants — whereas the right rail (paid) was for commerce. “If you’re a commerce site, you need to pay for your space on the page,” he said.

Stephan Spencer of NetConcepts graciously shared his thoughts on SEO in an online interview with us.

David set off a storm of righteous indignation from those who work hard in the SEO space, but part of the reason for his rant and mine is the great preponderance of hokum out there that has been spewed by the not so hard-working, not-so ethical members of the SEO community.

I enjoyed being interviewed by Stephan Spencer of NetConcepts about online marketing earlier this week

Microsoft now offers the “LinkFromDomain:” operator, showing you all the outbound links from a domain.

With all syndication and mashups of content with 2.0, writing straight-forward headlines matters.

Todd Mailcoat on how to create a strong web presence, and how a strong web presence impacts SEO.

While much has changed, much of Brett Tabke’s “Successful Site in 12 Months with Google Alone” suggestions are still valid.

SEM Pricing: Bundled Prices vs A La Carte. Are you better off buying services for SEM, CSE, Affiliate Management, and SEO all under one price structure, or buying each service separately? George Michie discusses the value of the a la carte model.

Google introduced a Google-specific META robots tag value, “NOODP, which tells Google not use the DMOZ description for snippets.

Steve Lohr laments the loss of clever newspaper headlines due to the growing importance of scoring high on the search engines.