May 2008 search engine share results aggregated across RKG clients: steady, no big change. Google at 81%.

Google’s Ad Preview Tool (APT) provides you more information about your search campaigns than you’d have otherwise. But some advertisers mistakenly believe APT reveals more than it actually does.

The first installment in a series on critical technology and know-how associated with bid management in 2008.

Interesting news items from SEL, TechCrunch, and SearchEngineJournal: screenshots of internal Google pricing metrics slipping out onto public SERPs. Stale news, perhaps fake, but interesting!

NYT reports online display advertising having a tougher time than paid search in weak economy. “The new advertisers are more cautious about requiring some sort of proof or evidence that something is working,” reports GM of WeatherChannel.

More thoughts on Microsoft Jellyfish CashBack.

Microsoft will offer cash back to users who make purchases after using Live search. IMHO, you can’t buy user loyalty.

Will defaulting automatic match to “on” help or hurt the bulk of Google advertisers?

Ryan will be presenting some key tactics for managing an effective paid search program.

Looking at Q1 numbers for our client base, Google continues to gain paid search market share.

A small mathematical model to help understand the relationship between never-mails and the bottom line.

Sometimes, we take technology for granted. That can be perilous in the search game.

I’m honored to be invited back to MIT to speak on “The Business And Mathematics of Pay-Per-Click Bidding” May 30, 2008, at MIT’s Tang Center.

I have a post on SEL hattipping the titans of direct mail for insight into paid search.

Providing searchers what they really want also gets retailers what they really want: more sales.

Forrester’s Carrie Johnson speaking on the idea, “Search Is.”

March was another month where, in aggregate, Google took another tiny slice of the pie away from Yahoo.

Chuck Teller is Executive Director of CatalogChoice, a catalog do-not-mail service. In this podcast, Chuck discusses his organization and how it impacts cataloging.

I recorded my NEMOA presentation and posted video.

I’ll be speaking at the Marketing Workshop in Scottsdale, April 7 — 9.

Tim Armstrong on the DoubleClick deal: “We are focused on uniting search and display online metrics and on improving the measurement and execution of media campaigns.”

What should I be looking for in respects to ROI on keyword spends?

I wrote a longish Q&A post on the benefits (and potential dangers) of very large paid search term lists over at SEL yesterday.

Danny Sullivan, SearchEngineLand’s illustrious Editor-In-Chief, emailed me some follow-up questions about how we buy clicks and how we allocate budgets.

How you pay your SEM agency determines how they will act.