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Mar 12 2007

Database Scaling: War Stories From Leading Sites

If your own IT wizards are responsible for the care and feeding of your web app databases, I highly recommend this series of fascinating posts on database strategy put up by O'Reilly last spring. Tim O'Rielly interviewed prominent web sites on the nuts and bolts of their database approaches.

Jan 24 2007

Inc. Magazine On Second Life: Empty Calories

Readers would have been better served if Inc. magazine treated their February cover story on Second Life like a real business article, rather than a social phenomenon piece.

Nov 02 2006

Second Life Marketing: 20 Tips & 1 Contest

Real brands are marketing in Second Life. Brands like Nissan, Wells-Fargo, Adidas, Sun and Reuters. So maybe there is something there, or will be soon. Prokofy Neva offers 20 tips, and I offer 1 contest.

Oct 07 2006

Virtual Biz

Virtual worlds like Second Life may impact real business not too far in the future.