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May 29 2009

Monitor Your Brand Online Via RSS

RSS feeds from search results make it easy to monitor your brand across the web.

Jan 25 2009

FeedBurner, Google, And The 502 / 503 Error

Last week we transferred our FeedBurner account to Google and encountered some problems. This post discusses the bug fix in specific, and Feedburner in general.

Jan 22 2009

Did Your RSS Counts Drop After Migrating to Google Accounts?

Our RSS subscriber counts are down 50% and our reach numbers down 60% after migrating from Feedburner to Google. Is this real, or a tracking hiccup?

Mar 13 2008

Social Media 101 for Online Retailers: 4 Activities to Shape Your Strategy

The March MCM "Effective Website" column suggests 4 fundamental activities to online retailers developing their Social Media strategy.