Setting the Record Straight – Negative keywords, matchtypes and average positions do not affect your Google AdWords Quality Score.

As a core component of paid search quality score, a strong Click-Through Rate (CTR) is vital for ensuring lower costs per click and higher ad visibility. If you are seeing your CTR decline over months or years it can be concerning, but not necessarily an indication of a problem with your copy or PPC program as a whole.

Quality Score and Bid play equal roles in determining an ads visibility, but that doesn’t mean you should spend the same amount of time working on each.

Hacking through the mythology surrounding Google’s Quality Score.

Linking over to SEL post on Quality Score.

A repost of a SEL article, suggesting that opacity is Google’s Achille’s heel, and that Extreme Transparency is the solution.

I had an interview this evening with Benjamin Ling, Product Lead for Google Checkout. A few noteworthy points merited a quick blog entry.