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Apr 28 2011

PPC Bidding and the $24M Text Book

Algorithms, particularly poor ones, with insufficient human oversight is a problem that can affect both the competitive price setting for books and the bidding of paid search ads.

Jan 13 2011

Paid Search Holiday 2010 Wrap-Up

In a year when most did well, it's important to consider whether sales dollars were still left on the table as spikes in efficiency hid under-performance at critical times.

Dec 08 2010

The Post Cyber Monday Lull

Every year there is a certain snarky contingent of the populace that dismisses Cyber Monday as just marketing hype since, “it’s not even the biggest online shopping day of the year.” Well, let’s all hope that holds true in 2010 as the performance data has definitely taken a turn for the worse in the ensuing days.

Sep 14 2010

Brand Ads Serving on Non-Brand Searches

Search log data investigation to see how often Google is serving brand ads when users search a non-brand string.