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Dec 18 2006

Google Checkout: Free For '07

Google has made Google Checkout free for all 2007. The sheer weight of money Google is pushing onto this product will make Checkout cross the tipping point, network effects will kick in, and the bulk of merchants will choose to support it to stay in the game.

Aug 19 2006

Who Do You Trust?

Claim: BillMeLater creates reciprocal trust from the shopper to the retailer because the retailer is extending credit on the spot. In contrast, PayPal and GoogleCheckout when marketing their wallets to consumers stress the benefits of keeping private information (credit card, email, etc) from the merchant.

Aug 02 2006

Benjamin Ling: Google Checkout Has No Direct Influence on Adwords Quality Score

I had an interview this evening with Benjamin Ling, Product Lead for Google Checkout. A few noteworthy points merited a quick blog entry.